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Video Title:  Spark MediaMarkups - An Introduction
Sub Title:  
Description:   A short video on the basics functions of the Spark MediaMarkup tool
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00:00:00 - tharpo01:
I can't see the video
me either - I have firefox

00:00:01 - David Grogan:
Introduction explains what the tool is and it's main features.
00:00:47 - David Grogan:
Here is where I start to explain how to gain access to the tool.
00:00:56 - Matthew McVey:
login process
00:01:00 - Matthew McVey:
Now I see how I add a comment.
00:01:30 - David Grogan:
How to view a particular media file.
00:01:44 - David Grogan:
How to play the media and jump to timestamps for annotations.
00:01:59 - David Grogan:
How to provide your own annotations.
00:02:29 - David Grogan:
How to leave a reply to a comment.
00:02:45 - Jennifer Valdez:
Thank you. This is helpful!
00:02:58 - David Grogan:
How to edit the information about your media and set permissions.
00:04:02 - David Grogan:
How do I get my own media onto Spark?
Monica Ndounou:
How much does the equipment cost to convert DVDs into flash files?

Christine Cavalier:
I have the same question!

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