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Video Title:  Vet Mini-Sympoisum 2012: Pre-Class Lecture Review Exercise
Sub Title:  Roger Tobin on Interactive Lectures using Peer Instruction
Description:   Instructions
  1. Play this short video (2 mins 49 secs) and mark at least one area and post your comment or question.
  2. Once you're done watching the video, press Ctrl+R (Mac: Command+R) on your keyboard to refresh the screen. You will see other people's comments.
  3. Pick at least one comment and reply.
  4. Press Ctrl+R on your keyboard to refresh the screen again. Review the comments/replies.
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00:00:57 - Ross Feldberg:
I believe physics has built up a library of questions - but biology has not. It is somewhat intimidating to have to come up with non-trivial questions (we often jealously guard these for use on the exam)
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