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Video Title:  ECE-April26-Mostafalu
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00:00:35 - rnakag01:
Outline is well defined.
00:01:09 - rnakag01:
Personally I could not understand the explanation about the motivation very well.
00:02:28 - rnakag01:
Maybe some texts in figures are too small to be read. However, the figures are a good approach to make the presentation understandable.
00:03:01 - rnakag01:
Again, the figures helped to understand the presentation.
00:04:22 - rnakag01:
The explanation matches the slide. This is good because the audience can follow the presented ideas.
00:05:44 - rnakag01:
Again, the figures in the slides help a lot to understand what is being done in the research.
00:06:21 - rnakag01:
The slide showing the graphs and their respective hysteresis plots is excellent. The comparison can be easily done by simply looking at the slide.
00:06:42 - rnakag01:
Although the text is small in the slide, the figures and plots are really helpful.
00:07:24 - rnakag01:
Again, very helpful graphs and plots.
00:08:08 - rnakag01:
Future Work and Timeline well defined and presented.
00:08:25 - rnakag01:
Conclusion very succinct and easy to understand.
00:08:42 - rnakag01:
The main objective of the research was not so clearly articulated but the time was a huge constraint in the presentation. Probably, if Pooria had more time, he could introduce his objectives better.
The motivation also was not so clear, but again the lack of time might have jeopardized his presentation.
The main point of most of slides were well defined and presented.
Most of slides were readable and the plots and graphs helped a lot to understand the subject.
There is a logical flow in the presentation.
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